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March Challenge – IsMyWebsite In 20 Seconds March 3, 2011

Posted by ismywebsite in general.

I’m planning each month to hold a large contest, with the end goal being ultimately something with majorly improves or spreads this service around. Although the credits you can gain are very helpful to expand your own website and projects, I think the most valuable thing to gain through participating is really the experience. At the end of each challenge you’ll have something grand to show your abilities and add to your portfolio.

The challenge for March is ‘IsMyWebsite In 20 Seconds’. For this challenge, your goal is to capture the entire IsMyWebsite experience in just 20 seconds… What is it about IsMyWebsite that keeps you coming back? Is it the tremendous server resources available to you, the helpful support you’ve received, the forums (which will be back up soon – be sure to thank Brendan for all his hard work on them), the ability to grow and expand your website?

Try not to think of this as a commercial. You’re not ‘selling’ anything. Instead, you are showing a friend or someone close to you what this service means to you, why they’d want to be hosted here, and how we can help them really get the most of their hosting here.

What format should your submissions be in?
Submissions should be posted to YouTube. I will have the email for submissions up here closer to the submission deadline. If you worked as a team, and wish for the prize to be split, include that information in the comments of your video, and also via email with the submission.

What invalidates a submissions?
Submissions which contain profanity or adult content are not allowed. In addition, make sure all members of your team agrees on how the prize will be split. Only the first 20 seconds of a submission will be considered, and all content past 20 seconds will be ignored.

What are the prizes?
The creator of the chosen video will receive 5,000 credits. There is also second place (3,000 credits) and 2 honourable mentions (1,000 credits each). I’m also going to create a certificate you can print to include on your portfolio or with a resume. Should you wish to work in a team, you are free to request how you’d like the prize split, and of course you’ll all get certificates.

When is the submission deadline?
March 31st. If the month reads April, you’re too late. Ideally, you should set a deadline for your team that is before the actual deadline. I will announce the winners in the first week of April. Good luck.



1. lpe39 - March 7, 2011

Accutually it is the domain tsa.thesuperstudios.ismywebsite.com

2. Kenneth Tsang - March 26, 2011

Where do we submit our entries to?

3. ismywebsite - March 27, 2011

To submit, just upload to YouTube and send me the link.

Private message is prefered (to ‘Azoundria’). Email is also okay.

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