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Nodes 4 And 6 Reopened March 20, 2011

Posted by ismywebsite in general.

It wouldn’t be fair to say anything was reclaimed. Nodes 4 and 6 were well below quota, having lots of space available already. I’ve just opened them up to new accounts.

As for Node 5, I did a clean up of one huge account, notoriou, which was using a whopping 7 Gb. Whole site seemed dead and abandoned. Other users not transfered that I’m looking into deleting:

transmit (2557 Mb)
pesher (1176 Mb)
iixclanc (782 Mb)
olivegre (768 Mb)
midplain (634 Mb)
wwwindol (590 Mb)

Sadly, even once all these are gone we will still be above quota. If anyone on Node 5 wants to voluntarily move to another server that would be awesome. You can save costs by moving to Node 6, or many of the other servers have higher uptime.

Node 3 appears still to be offline. I’m also not sure what was happening with the new Node 9 that Aaron offered a while back. So there are only 3 nodes which aren’t open to new websites.


1. NickoCP - March 20, 2011

A suggestion for a new node: http://www.byethost.com/ I used them before I moved to IMW and they gave me excellent service for cheap-ish prices.

2. daglock - March 20, 2011

Give me 2 weeks and I can move itsmypress.com from node 5 but I need atleast 2 weeks before the move!

3. ismywebsite - March 20, 2011

At the moment, we have lots of servers. ByetHost (under the brand MyOwnFreeHost) has many limits on each individual account, meaning that once a client advances past Improving, they will need to move all their content onto a different server. It is also doubtful whether they would allow clients to host an actual domain such as .com, or .net. It’s also unclear whether their service is cPanel or VistaPanel, and cPanel is clearly a preferred panel, plus would not require a massive conversion of our systems to use a VistaPanel API, if one even exists.

As a final concern is the reliability of service. Very little indication is also given of location of hardware, server power, level of support given, etc… and these are very important concerns that really should be addressed.

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