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4 Days Left For IsMyWebsite In 20 Seconds Contest! March 26, 2011

Posted by ismywebsite in general.

All you need to try your hands on this month’s contest is a YouTube account (which is free), some video editing software (also free in many cases), and of course your great imagination and enthusiasm for our service. The prizes are still as follows:

#1 – 5,000 credits.
#2 – 3,000 credits.
Your video can also receive honourable mention for 1,000 credits.

Your goal is to tell an outsider exactly what makes our hosting your hosting of choice. Mention all the features which really make your daily job easier, show off the control panel, mention the uptime you’ve experienced. Here are some unique features you can use:

1) Paid Hosting For Free
You can mention how credits enable you to essentially pay for your hosting, without having to actually pay anything. This allows us to provide a higher quality service, in most cases for free. Credits are essentially real money, displayed in a virtual currency so everyone can participate on a level playing field.

2) Unique Advertising System
Mention how you actually have the full control over your own website’s advertising. There are no pop-ups, no forced banners, and not even a required link-back. You are free to place advertising how you feel is best on your website. This is a better system for both webmasters and advertisers.

3) Transparent Reviews System
What other host pays you to criticism and admonish their reputation? It’s a silly idea that one should hide their problems, rather than solving them. This is the primary reason why all feedback, good or bad, is linked directly from our front page for all to see.

4) Guidance Towards Success
Succeeding with a website is in many cases not very easy. Our unique four stage process, when followed, is the same path we’ve used, and the same path every known successful website has used (some would argue with some level of variation).

5) Always A Server For You
There are some disasters that can destroy your data, never one that can leave you without hosting. As long as you take backups (which is easy with cPanel), you can easily transfer your website between servers anytime you like, in less time than it takes to watch your video.

6) Lots Of Room To Grow
Many webmasters get hooked into this idea of ‘unlimited’ hosting. What they are really looking for is scalability, the ability to grow their website without bound and always find solutions. How many will give you this scalability without uncertainty or large costs?

Of course keep in mind you only have 20 seconds!

You can see an example here, which is submitted by Matheus:



1. Matheus (Reallifegame) - March 30, 2011

I wonder how much videos were already sent… Well, atleast mine is there already… ^^

2. lpe39 - March 30, 2011

Mine too, Matheus. I think only 3 people have entered.

3. ismywebsite - March 30, 2011

There’s been quite a few, though I suspect a lot of people are last minute. It doesn’t take long to come along and take the competition.

4. Matheus (Reallifegame) - March 30, 2011

Yup, Ipe32, can you show me your video (user – reallifegame)?

5. Anonymous - March 31, 2011

I used this host quite a few years ago. I come back, and learn that I need an invite code. Damn.

ismywebsite - April 2, 2011

If you have an account already, it’s probably still working. You should get in touch with me via Skype – ‘azoundria’.

6. jason - April 1, 2011

I am so anxious to join this event, but unfortunetely I am in China currently is bloking visiting youtube.

good on you, mate.

ismywebsite - April 2, 2011

You can send your video to another client who can upload it to YouTube themselves. Or use another video service and someone can move it over. Just as long as it’s viewable online. I prefer YouTube because there is a lot of traffic there.

Matheus - April 2, 2011

Ya, he could use Vimeo…

7. nqzdepofltr - April 6, 2011

Ismywebsite is not working!

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