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Current Status Of Certain Systems May 11, 2011

Posted by ismywebsite in general.

Here can help explain why all the problems of right now have occurred. My conclusion is simply that if a solid development team is not found, this site is likely to die faster than I could build anything.

Aside from the persistent lack of my time, the support problem is due to two main reasons:
1) The tools to effectively provide support do not exist, or are slow to use. These include such features as a website troubleshooter, tools to quickly manage accounts, tools to search through accounts, tools to organize queries (for example a ticket system, which as I said initially is not a priority over other features being as the forum solves 90% of the functionality already, but for some reason my words are always twisted to being that I disagree with a ticket system) etc… When dealing with a high volume of support, and limited time, every second counts. As we all know, version 5 launched 7 days ago with all these tools ready to be used.
2) The tools to allow others to participate in the support providing process do not exist. Permissions are all or nothing. There’s no way to give anyone permissions other than to hard code them manually which would make it near impossible to actually launch the permissions system later on. (Well, at the best case it would be minimal downtime, but for the amount of planning to get there, we might as well finish the permissions system).

There isn’t any. That’s the main problem.

It isn’t very. Although most of the acceptance functionality is finished, the permissions system still disallows anyone to properly process and accept those sites. My opinion is that accepting the clients onto a platform with so many other problems is wasting my time, and the clients.

What can I say? I can’t even see the total economic overview of the credit system, let alone start to look for suspicious patterns. Even if I knew all the problems, there’s no way to tag them as such and get them resolved. Right now, the entire class to process a list of transactions disappeared entirely (before I blocked the developers) so that’s great.

As for websites, with no abuse team, and absolutely zero tools available to them, well that’s no surprise.

No advisor system. Nobody reaches out to clients. Instead we are fighting to even answer clients, and losing horribly.

I hope nobody finds this host at the moment.

If you can develop, with the requirements I specified in the other post, then I need your help. If you want paid hosting (unlimited) for the rate I said, you can order that. Otherwise, please seek shelter at the nearest exit and keep your eyes on your email for when is a good time to come back.



1. skorpyo - May 11, 2011

I will be more then happy to bring back the Success team…and to obviously bring back some of the lost success of IMW…if you want me to…

2. ismywebsite - May 11, 2011

No problem.

There’s no permissions system, so tool access is all or nothing. As I can’t reasonably give you access to everything, I therefore can’t give you access to anything.

If you can help clients with no tools at all, then feel free. If not, then this is exactly the problem.

3. Bryan Bartlett - May 11, 2011

Matt, if you can give me access to the official support part of the forum, I can assist on that side as much as possible.

What you SHOULD do to get best of both worlds is to create a mirror of the IMW site with some dummy data in it. hell, use Node 7 to create the dummy accounts to test functionality. The mirror will be the test platform to use for setting up the permissions systems. Since there is no real data on this mirror, there should be no problem giving full access to those needing to program a permissions system.

4. Kyle G (KFS) - May 11, 2011

I agree with him ^^

NickoCP - May 11, 2011

I’d be happy to help with support.

5. ismywebsite - May 13, 2011

Thanks everyone. I hope we will be able to accept your help very soon.

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