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Welcome New Team (And Major Wiki Progress) May 19, 2011

Posted by ismywebsite in general.

This is something which will take some time to make a difference, but as of around midnight yesterday, the wiki is fully updated with class definitions. I worked 18 straight hours to get this entirely finished (starting roughly 5 AM through to just past midnight, with about an hour’s break).

In addition, it’s increased efficiency and security because:

  • Approximately 30 more unused classes (didn’t keep track of the exact number) got cleaned up. Some of them could have been used to obtain information or might have had SQL injection vulnerabilities.
  • I completed an update which should make it extremely easy to find the methods (as opposed to locations where they are called). This should save considerable time.
  • A number of methods were changed to a private status. Most notably some common methods in the center classes (these handle private messages, advertising boxes, and most of the volunteer panel tools). A lot of classes had unnecessary public methods, meaning anyone can directly execute them, which may not have the desired result.
  • Initial construction on several classes was also simultaneously completed.

Classes that were built by former developers Nick Liu and John Stimac, still need some help to be documented (or their use discontinued if recommended). Nick has stashed a copy of all the source before their access was removed, and both developers should be able to get the wiki password from each other and make the edits directly. If there are any problems, they also have my email.

I’ve also been quite pleased with finding a few decent members for our new team. Further training awaits, but at the moments it’s looking like a new team consisting of Kyle Gavalchin, Andrew Sudduth, and Bogdan Lupandin may be materializing. All three have been long-time clients of the service and it should be a pleasure to work with them. I am still accepting help offers, though three people should be a large enough team.

The first priorities are getting all the staff trained, making sure they know how the system works better than the last team (and not assuming anything – I will drill them with questions until I can be sure they know what they’re doing), then finishing the now three-months-overdue volunteer panel and backup system. I’m also going to finally get the AdSense credit payout working which will hopefully mean the clients who aren’t having a tough time can optimize their sites.

I’m setting a tentative date of May 24th (next Wednesday) for reopening the acceptance of new websites, upgrades, and support. I should have all the nodes back under control by then. There appear to be some problems with out of sync passwords, which really need to be resolved so they don’t occur at all, most of the nodes need to be cleaned of some huge accounts, and I need to shuffle all the Node 7 accounts to other nodes. This all takes either planning and having proper tools set up, or forever.

In terms of this paid hosting, it will simply appear as an alternative in the future, where if you want to remove the limits to your account, you can just choose unlimited hosting. Obviously, although I can always find more, the amount of storage and bandwidth available are not unlimited. I just haven’t set a limit in your account.



1. daglock - May 19, 2011

This is great news to everyone on IMW.

2. daglock - May 19, 2011

Oh, and one more thing does this mean the MARKET will be fully functional soon?

3. ismywebsite - May 19, 2011

If your hoping for domains, then this would really require a bahavioural shift in end users to place advertising in a more prominent location. Simple shifts away from main areas of the site drop the revenue to 40-80% of it’s original value. Likewise with visual barriers and any similar effects to make the advertising less noticeable. By the time you get to the bottom or far side of the page, you’re looking at losing 99% of the potential benefits of even having it!

These kinds of things are really difficult to regulate or enforce by a rulebook. Clients have to take the initiative. Things will also improve once a few notable clients have returned.

4. daglock - May 19, 2011

I will try to remember to place ADs on all current and future sites .

5. ismywebsite - May 19, 2011

It’s not so much if, but where that makes all the difference. Once the AdSense payout is working, you’ll be able to see this. Move them slightly away from the focus, and watch as the earnings shrink by a huge proportion.

A lot of people think they’re making a difference by putting ads on the bottom of their site, and they’re really not. If you have a lot of traffic, you might bring in some pennies now and again, but you could instead bring in something significant by moving them around.

6. Kyle G (KFS) - May 19, 2011


7. Jack - May 19, 2011

When will the Ad System be setup? This can help users and give users a motive to get and place Ads.

8. nqzdepofltr - May 19, 2011

I have an idea, in the market you could allow people to sell their own *.ismywebsite.com domains.

9. Nick Broadhead - May 20, 2011

I would be happy to help in whatever way I can and Matt, as you know, I’m currently learning PHP so that might help in the future 🙂

10. ismywebsite - May 20, 2011

The advertising system will be through AdSense for now, and soon we will have our own network in which you can run your own advertisements. After that, I hope to expand further to other networks.

As for the market – it’s a good idea. People buy and sell not just domains but full websites all the time. With a working development team on an organized established platform, that understands how it worked, I’m sure anything is quite possible.

Once the volunteer panel is up and running with permissions, it should be possible to accept your help, Nick. Lots of websites need to be accepted. I’m very behind.

11. Jack - May 23, 2011

Im getting a internal server error on Node 5, for HabboSource.com

12. Bryan Bartlett - May 24, 2011

jack… you been hacked it looks like

13. Jack - May 25, 2011

Yeah, I was :/. I fixed it though.

14. Nqzdepofltr - May 28, 2011

Any news on imw now that there are new developers?

ismywebsite - May 28, 2011

Still undergoing training. I hope they will be finished sometime this weekend.

Jack - May 30, 2011

Way to go Matt!

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