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Three Free Invites November 30, 2011

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Due to the incomplete credit system, and that I appreciate everyone’s feedback and hope having a few more users will give some more feedback, I’ve decided to give everyone three free invites. I may give out more in the future, but I’m not sure yet. Extra invites can still be purchased at the regular price of 10 credits, if you have more than 3 friends who you want to invite.

Here’s how to activate your free invite codes:

1) First, go to ‘Overview’ in your account.
Step 1

2) Then, scroll down to the bottom and click ‘Invite Center’.
Step 2

3) Next, click the button ‘Activate Free Invite > >’
Step 3

4) Your invite will be generated. Copy the code to your friend who you want to invite.
Step 4

5) Your friend enters the invite on the homepage to start the registration process.
Step 5

Thanks for all the great feedback everyone. Please keep it coming.

If anything doesn’t work, please report it. Thanks.

Update To Hosting Control Panel November 25, 2011

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This is a relatively simple update. I have removed the troubleshooter that never got finished, and only caused confusion. Instead, I’ve added a new tool, which will attempt to recreate the cPanel. It also fixes incorrect passwords if your cPanel ends up with the wrong password somehow. So basically, if your cPanel isn’t working, it fixes the most common errors. You can find this new tool under the ‘Reset’ tab. As usual, I hope you’ll help test this new feature and report any problems.

Note For Clients Of Node 4 November 21, 2011

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We have received a few notifications that some of our clients are not able to connect to their website. If you are experiencing issues with your website to where you cannot connect to it and/or our website (weblyte.com) please reply to this e-mail so that we may inspect your website and make sure that your IP address is not blocked.

As you may know we are a very proactive company that would rather work on an issue before it actually becomes a problem for you, but sometimes this is not always possible as we cannot foresee everything. However, we do make every attempt possible to make sure your hosting is stable.

Node 1 Quota Reset November 15, 2011

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Due to a client taking up 16Gb with backup files, new accounts accepted on Node 1 could not be properly configured with the correct package. This was causing mixed results. In order to fix this, we had to reset the package settings for all accounts on the Planning stage. If you had requested extra storage (not part of your package), you’ll need to request that again.