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Change Of Plans May 12, 2008

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Two things have happened:

  1. SurfWebHosts can’t offer us the required LayeredPanel hosting, which I also doesn’t appear it would have worked as well as predicted.
  2. SmokyHosts can’t seem to get the domain to change, and in addition changing the domain on all the accounts is proving to be a harder challenge than initially thought. (First you have to fetch just about every detail of the account, and only then can you change one aspect of it.)

Essentially, changing the domain to work with SmokyHosts again will get us online today, with nodes, and the option to transition away from them later. As the server usage increases, we can move accounts off to IsMyHost.com – which is now working as well!

Unmentioned By cPanel May 10, 2008

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Well, if you want to start a small hosting site, or even a medium sized hosting site, cPanel is the way to go. Want more than 1000 users or subdomains however, and cPanel quickly becomes a nightmare.

Now, 8000 subdomains? With cPanel, not a chance.

Which is why my script to create the subdomains was still running earlier today, and finally resulted in my account being suspended for a brief period when CPU usage reached 70%. You may recall that for increased reliability of the main domain, I am using a shared hosting account on SurfWebHost.

Now, the solution, LayeredPanel, is specifically designed to “host over 40,000+ accounts”. Enough to sustain our future growth as well as current situation. As soon as this upgrade is complete, all subdomains will soon follow.

All client accounts will still be hosted on cPanel, as this is what I know is preferred and for your patience you deserve the best.

Current Progress May 10, 2008

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There are a lot of people asking for an ETA of when the site will be back up. I want to assure everyone that I am working as hard as possible on this. The current issues which need to be resolved before we come back online are:

  1. The DNS for ismywebs.com needs to work and the subdomain needs to be changed for the accounts.
  2. The creation of the remaining subdomains on our main domain. I also need to finish the subdomain page to have the proper redirects and a full array of messages.
  3. Some accounts on the nodes aren’t being created. I just need to figure out why and resolve those issues.
  4. Slight modifications to the website to display a link to the new cPanel, FTP, and File Manager links.

Most of these can be done with automated scripts, which means I can work on more than one at once. Also, parts of the site and numerous accounts are already open. I hope this weekend will be our last offline, and if things go smoothly it easily could be.

I will cross these out as they are completed so everyone can see.

Node Status Update May 6, 2008

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Here’s a complete status of all nodes now in the works:

  • IsMyWs.com (0/750) – Now online, and we’re going to be filling up the 750 slots shortly with new clients. Should not be long, and may in fact be tonight.
  • IsNumberOne.org (7/750) – Especially set up by Infernowrestling. Now online, and to be filled with sites after ismyws.com is full.
  • IsMyHost.com (0/250) – Currently undergoing some configuration trouble. (It appears it was set up wrong when we got it.) We are now attempting a reset to bring it online again. Because this will be our largest node and we will have much greater control over restrictions in place here, this is where our top clients will go once we have ensured it’s working.
  • HaloClan.us (0/250) – A node set up by Mike specifically for hosting Halo clan websites. This will be actually a sub-node of IsMyHost, and is going through the same trouble. Mike has set up a blog about it at http://haloclanhosting.wordpress.com/.
  • IsMyWebs.com (977/1000) – This is our previous SmokyHosts reseller, with the domain changed. SmokyHosts has assured me their security has been upgraded sufficiently, so accounts hosted here will likely remain here unless a move is specifically requested by clients.
  • IsMyWb.com (0/750) – Recently acquired for expansion.
  • IsMyWe.com (0/750) – Recently acquired for expansion.

I’ll be relying on the placing of ads to ensure we can keep providing this in the future, and possibly even expand.

We Were NOT Targeted! May 6, 2008

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There’s an ongoing rumour around we were targeted in the recent hack. What actually happened could more closely be classified as a virus – which uploaded itself through one of our clients.

As far as I know, no one has any sufficient motivation to attack our service. Sure, some people have been upset by the wait times and not having their website accepted, but that’s not really something to attack a site over. Not to mention, no threats were received prior to the attack or after it.

The second reason is, this ‘hack’ seems to be designed to keep spreading and travel through a variety of mediums to reach it’s next victim. If the target is us, it wouldn’t be logical to have an exploit that keeps moving to attack others as well.

And yes, SmokyHosts did trace the entry-point. It traced to someone who had been using our host for 3 months and already had 3 successful websites built. Not to mention this user was active on the community and fully satisfied. (Specific user has been notified and will not be disclosed here.)

Either way, we are taking this seriously. The primary reason we’re not online again is because of steps we are taking to fix this situation. We could have been online 2 days ago, with a fix to this one hole. However, with multiple nodes, we can fix all possible exploits before they strike more than one node.

Sorry for any previous confusion and thanks for your patience.

Future Hosting Dilemma May 4, 2008

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Rebuilding Our Website

The forum has been brought online and upgraded to PHPBB3. We are successfully installed on a reliable hosting service for the main site, and all data has been transfered from SmokyHosts. There are still a few things to sort out before the site is fully online, but expect it soon.

Hosting And Your Websites

SmokyHosts has set us up on a new server, and, if we’re moving, we have one month to do it in. Unless there is a radical shift in the opinion of my clients, this is how it’s happening.

Our current plan calls for the opening of several nodes to spread out our server load. The optimal capacity with our current 4 planned nodes will only fit 2000 out of 3247 pending websites. Each node will host websites on a separate domain, with the ismywebsite.com sub-domain redirecting to that address. Current nodes (and capacity):

  • IsMyWs.com (750)
  • IsNumberOne.org (750)
  • IsMyHost.com (250)
  • HaloClan.Us (250)

Anyone interested in setting up or helping finance a node of their own can email me.

The Latest From SmokyHosts May 2, 2008

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“Sir, we have temporarily moved all the old backups of your account to a remote storage so as to give a stable server to the rest of the customers before again restoring your accounts.

We will then be moving all your accounts to a different server than the one where other customers are hosted.

All this will be completed in the next 2 to 3 days time, and once that is done, you will again be able to see all your accounts.

At this instant, all you will be getting is your (and your members) data of the 8th of April 2008, coz the infected server has now finally be disconnected and there is no more access to the infected data.”

From this, it looks like there will be a permanent loss of 17 days worth of data. (April 8th – April 25th) In addition, SmokyHosts has moved us to a different server which may mean better uptime as we will be sharing with less accounts.

There is a tough decision at this point to either:

  1. Move back onto their service, but keep new accounts on separate resellers. This is the easiest plan, but may not be the safest.
  2. Use their service as one of the ‘nodes’ in our new plan (see the last post). This would involve changing all the domain names.
  3. Over the next month and a half, transfer all data from their service through out the other nodes and terminate our account with them.

You can debate this. (And don’t worry – there’s plenty of time since we’re all waiting for SmokyHosts.)