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Great Deal For Node 7 August 10, 2009

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So, around August 5th, I get the following:

Due to several clients abusing our overselling option, we have decided to disable it. Your current plan (Layer 10), which has 5GB Space/50GB Bandwidth will be increased to 10GB Space/100GB Bandwidth.

Therefore, we request that you limit your clients allocated space/bandwidth so that it does not surpass the 10GB Space/100GB Bandwidth that you have been allocated. Once you have completed this task, please contact us. We will then disable the overselling option for your account. We hope that you will cooperate with us during this process.

As expected, we were one of the clients exceeding our allotment and ‘abusing’ their service, in fact using twice what we were allowed. Most of it, however, developed from the rapid growth of one website within our service.

Steven, on their support channel, was very helpful to resolve this issue, and we finally cracked a deal whereby we now have access to double the storage and bandwidth, and overselling, with an upgrade to get yet another doubling of the storage and bandwidth.

So our capacity has quadrupled for a small cost of $10.00, and we have kept our relations with this excellent Canadian hosting company HighLayer through an exclusive deal. Just another way to make the most of what we have.

DDOS Attacks (Not Aimed At Us) July 16, 2009

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Good morning everyone,

Yesterday night I received the following:

This morning, we received extortion threats against VectorLevel LLC involving DDoS attacks to cripple client servers. This individual has been involved in several large and successful high-profile attacks on large hosting companies recently and we are working very closely with these companies to form a case against him with the FBI.

To prevent these attacks from bringing down our client servers and websites, we are absolutely forced to move your account on berkeley.vectorlevel.com to a new datacenter with appropriate DDoS protection. We are working in a very tight timeframe and will be moving accounts within an hour or two. In the event that you are unable to access our website for updates, please visit our twitter feed @ www.twitter.com/vectorlevel for immediate updates.

We understand this is a major inconvenience but it is not one we could have forseen. We’re doing our absolute best to keep all customer websites up and running and will continually update you with more information as we receive it.

Thank you for your cooperation through these difficult times.

VectorLevel is the company which manages the server our main website is hosted on. There network is currently undergoing a DDOS attack, which means the site may be inaccessible during this period.

Our servers are currently under a heavy DDoS attack and connectivity to your website(s) may be sporadic. We are working our hardest to bring our servers back online and appreciate your patience. Please check our Twitter feed @ www.twitter.com/vectorlevel for more updates.

I am temporarily setting the main site to redirect to the blog in order that we will not lose visitors and directory listings. Hosting will resume as normal once this situation has resolved. Connectivity to your websites should not be affected during this period.

Something Odd With cPanel May 14, 2008

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I just want to let everyone know that I am aware of some difficulties you may face accessing the cPanel and have informed SmokyHosts of the trouble. As far as I know the main site is working for most of the world now, and if it doesn’t work for you, get OpenDNS – http://www.opendns.com/

I realize that there are also a lot of other troubles with certain accounts working. Once I can rebuild my script to test, I can figure out which ones are experiencing trouble, and rectify them. The IP address is different, and many of the old scripts I was using are not built with multiple nodes in mind, so until they are modified I’m stuck with the primitive and laggy WHM interface. (Does it really have to load a list of all 1000 accounts just so I can modify ONE?)

So, we have:

  • Accounts not working
  • Scripts to fix this in need of modification
  • Deletion requests piling up without any page to handle them
  • Hundreds uninformed the site is back online
  • No easy way to make account modifications
  • Major inactivity at all levels
  • cPanel on IsMyWebsite.com not working at all
  • No explanation of current troubles
  • New accounts piling up
  • Nothing to spend credits on except advertising
  • Little motivation to place proper advertising
  • But other than this, everything is FINE!

So, as far as a plan for fixing this.

  1. Broadcast a PM to explain all damages. Reconstruct the control panel and create all functionality necessary to handle future tasks. (4 days)
  2. Use created scripts to assess and repair the situation universally. Email notification to all Advisors to announce this, which they should pass on to their clients. (4 days)
  3. Upgrade the interface to include a delete account page. Recreate the script to provide a solution to just about all client-related problems, and improve relations through email. (4 days)
  4. Upload e-books and other sales items onto reliable password-protected storage facility. Each will have a different password, and that is how items can be downloaded by purchasers. (4 days)

Any suggestions or further questions about this plan?