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Why [Not To] Choose LimeStone Networks March 2, 2009

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“The most obvious reason to choose Limestone Networks is our unwavering commitment to not only excellence in the industry, but to enhancing and revolutionizing the very nature of customer service. [We are very fast and efficient when it comes to handling manners of client relations, such as bringing your entire server offline without notice and not providing any backups.] While we have several different departments, they all fall under one category, customer service. [They work well together, employing the latest in strategic planning to lose your hard drive during an upgrade.]

This business model shifts the focus away from being a solely monetarily driven machine, into being a helpful friend who takes care of our clients custom dedicated server hosting needs. [In fact, we have absolutely no interest at all in receiving money from satisfied clients, and would much rather provide a really helpful custom failure to suit your personalized business needs!] We utilize the best hardware, personnel and connection to ensure our clients a simple and solid network because we don’t just want to do it, we want to do it the best.”

So there you have it, all the best in one datacenter. What more could you ask for? Who needs data when you have the satisfaction of talking to the quality individuals who lost it? And, now, who on Earth needs a server? Really? When it all comes down to it, isn’t there just so much freedom in a failed connection? So much time you can spend in other areas of your life? Yes, for sure, LimeStone has your best interests at heart. You should definitely pick them for your next datacenter of choice.

And yes, for those interested, I have confirmed that LimeStone Networks is the datacenter behind this latest failure. I wasn’t surprised… Read back in the blog and you’ll find their name under another failure not so long ago.

$190 Donation (Not Kidding) June 7, 2008

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I didn’t actually believe this would go through. (In fact, I was recently promised another $100 donation that has yet to be paid.) But here it is, actually sitting in my PayPal balance. $190.

It started yesterday with a tiny comment on the blog:

Hmm… Tell me, what is the average cost of your nodes?

Depending on the price, I may be willing to donate enough for 1 year on 1 node, in exchange for waiving of ad requirements for my 1 site, provided that the money goes to a new node to help grow. Contact me on my email to discuss, please.

Bryan Bartlett, username Valareos, issued the following statement about why he donated:

The true value of any company, of any service, is not how they react when everything is running at 100% efficiency, but when a problem arises that shakes the very foundation of that company or service. What IsMyWebsite has went through these last few months could have been the end of the community entirely.

I joined IsMyWebsite just a few days before the great crash. In fact, I was in the queue to have my website accepted. My entire purpose was finding a free hosting service that supported SQL databases so I could develop my scripts in a test environment before going live on my paid hosting account. I was also going to use this service as a backup for all my files.

When the site suddenly stopped responding for days, I assumed that they just folded up, and vanished off the face of the earth. I continued to look for a different service, every so often checking back to see if perhaps the site would come back. Finally, the blog appeared, explaining everything. I waited, I watched, and I was amazed how quickly IsMyWebsite addressed the problem, fixed the problem, AND worked to ensure the problem didn’t repeat itself.

As I was waiting for IsMyWebsite to finish their nodes, and give me domain space, my original host deleted my entire website. Why? Clerical error caused them to show me a year behind on payments. There was nothing I could do. They offered to give me a year free service, but all my files were permanently gone, and there was no backups to go to.

So what did that show me? That IsMyWebsite, a relatively small, free hosting service that is supported by unobtrusive ads placed where the designer wants them handled a crisis with more professionalism, and more care for customer satisfaction than a large “professional” company.

It is for this reason, and many others, that I have donated $190 CDN, to pay for a full year hosting and domain for a new node, to help this community grow.

Thanks, and keep up the good work.

This is the first donation to ring through in months, and I really hopes it stirs up more. Donate like Valareos here.