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Success May 21, 2008

Posted by ismywebsite in uptime.
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As it stands, right now, a number of websites are now online. Including of course, our active blog participants at:

http://criminallives.ismywebsite.com/ (Working)
http://goptorrent.ismywebsite.com/ (Working)
http://hqbc.ismywebsite.com/ (Working)
http://hosting4u.ismywebsite.com/ (Working)
http://magnxpyr.ismywebsite.com/ (Working)
http://maisam.ismywebsite.com/ (Under Construction)
http://masdir.ismywebsite.com/ (Working)
http://rap-it-up.net/ (Under Construction)
http://rotb.ismywebsite.com/ (Working)
http://smashgames.ismywebsite.com/ (Working)
http://sociopaths.ismywebsite.com/ (Working)
http://yourlife.ismywebsite.com/ (Working)

Once their contents are uploaded I urge you to check them out.

Many other websites are online on the nodes and now, for the first time, you can access them by logging into the site. If yours doesn’t work, you can be sure I am working on creating it as I write this.

Please Report:

  • Features of your IsMyWebsite account that don’t work. (Everything should now be working except for the hosting and the forum registration.)
  • Errors experienced in cPanel by those mentioned websites above. (Other nodes are not guaranteed to be fully working at this time.)
  • If more features are needed by those websites mentioned above.

Do Not Report:

  • That your account and/or website has not been created yet. (I know that.)
  • That you can’t log in to cPanel. (Perhaps it’s because your account isn’t created?)
  • Minor errors which do not affect the functionality of the site or reduce security. (Would love to hear them when our status is back to ‘reliably hosting hundreds’.)

If those mentioned require any assistance in accessing their websites (as all functionality should be accessible by logging in) or they need any extra resources, they are free to report it any time by email. For everyone else, thanks for your patience. It should only be a couple more days.