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IsMyWebsite DNS FAQ April 18, 2009

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Seems a lot of people are reporting troubles that are DNS-related, so I just wanted to make a note here and answer some common questions.

Helpful Node Tools

Node 1 – ismyw.com
Node 2 – ismywe.com
Node 3 – ismywi.com
Node 4 – ismywt.com
Node 5 – ismywall.com
Node 6 – ismywb.com
Node 7 – ismyws.com (Not online yet)
Node 8 – ismyse.com (VPS #1 – Configuring)
Node 9 – ismysi.com (VPS #2 – Offline)

On many servers (but not all),  you can view your website like this:


If your website is set up, the above link will always work, regardless of any problems with your domain.

You can also get the full phpinfo(), which is basically the server’s PHP configuration, like this:


And finally, to test if the server is online, you can use this address:


What are my nameservers?
Part of the confusion comes from the fact that every server’s nameservers are slightly different. For your account, your nameservers will be ns1.domain.com and ns2.domain.com, where domain.com is the domain above that corresponds with your node.

My subdomain says ‘IsMyWebsite Default Page’. What does this mean and what can I do about it?
In the case your account was accepted, and you have cPanel access, you just have to wait. You can access your website using the following on most servers:

http://domain.com/~cpaneluser (See above for your domain)

And you can enter domain.com for the FTP host if you are connecting. Alternatively, the IP address for your server can be found in the ‘FTP’ link under ‘Hosting’ and can be used in place of the domain name. Use this time to get your website all working for when it does come online.

As for what causes this, all subdomains default to a temporary server. This temporary server displays the ‘IsMyWebsite Default Page’ for every single possible unused subdomain. Your website is created on one of the above nodes, so the subdomain has to be reassigned to point there. This is a process called DNS propagation, and can take up to 48 hours, but usually not nearly that long.

To speed up the propagation for your computer, you can use a free tool called Open DNS. More details are available at http://www.opendns.com/.

If you still experience trouble after 48 hours, please be sure to let us know.

We Exist Again! June 24, 2008

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Finally, I have received word that we are officially back on the listing of free web hosting sites at Free-WebHosts!

If you feel inclined, you can drop by and rate us 10/10 here:

I am also looking at other resources where we can establish ourselves. As always, there are tons of potential clients looking for free hosting at FreeWebSpace. Maybe someone can help us answer all the topics there.

Be sure to help spread the word in as many ways as possible at this time. We have 3 nodes which are almost completely empty so there is lots of room to fit your friends.

$190 Donation (Not Kidding) June 7, 2008

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I didn’t actually believe this would go through. (In fact, I was recently promised another $100 donation that has yet to be paid.) But here it is, actually sitting in my PayPal balance. $190.

It started yesterday with a tiny comment on the blog:

Hmm… Tell me, what is the average cost of your nodes?

Depending on the price, I may be willing to donate enough for 1 year on 1 node, in exchange for waiving of ad requirements for my 1 site, provided that the money goes to a new node to help grow. Contact me on my email to discuss, please.

Bryan Bartlett, username Valareos, issued the following statement about why he donated:

The true value of any company, of any service, is not how they react when everything is running at 100% efficiency, but when a problem arises that shakes the very foundation of that company or service. What IsMyWebsite has went through these last few months could have been the end of the community entirely.

I joined IsMyWebsite just a few days before the great crash. In fact, I was in the queue to have my website accepted. My entire purpose was finding a free hosting service that supported SQL databases so I could develop my scripts in a test environment before going live on my paid hosting account. I was also going to use this service as a backup for all my files.

When the site suddenly stopped responding for days, I assumed that they just folded up, and vanished off the face of the earth. I continued to look for a different service, every so often checking back to see if perhaps the site would come back. Finally, the blog appeared, explaining everything. I waited, I watched, and I was amazed how quickly IsMyWebsite addressed the problem, fixed the problem, AND worked to ensure the problem didn’t repeat itself.

As I was waiting for IsMyWebsite to finish their nodes, and give me domain space, my original host deleted my entire website. Why? Clerical error caused them to show me a year behind on payments. There was nothing I could do. They offered to give me a year free service, but all my files were permanently gone, and there was no backups to go to.

So what did that show me? That IsMyWebsite, a relatively small, free hosting service that is supported by unobtrusive ads placed where the designer wants them handled a crisis with more professionalism, and more care for customer satisfaction than a large “professional” company.

It is for this reason, and many others, that I have donated $190 CDN, to pay for a full year hosting and domain for a new node, to help this community grow.

Thanks, and keep up the good work.

This is the first donation to ring through in months, and I really hopes it stirs up more. Donate like Valareos here.

Kudos To Corex June 3, 2008

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Hi everyone.

I must apologize for not having a lot of time to post lately, but as you know – making sure things work for my clients is almost a full time job. However, as of late the number of actual problems has been swamped by a new epidemic – confused clients not knowing how to access their sites.

I want to say this once (even though I know I’ll have to say it again elsewhere), the cPanel button in your ‘Hosting’ section works. Trying to access through ismywebsite.com doesn’t and will only frustrate you! You can also get FTP connection details with the ‘FTP Info’ button. On past request, I have upgraded the system to a more secure button with passes an encrypted phrase (which doesn’t even match your password) to verify you. So it’s more secure than anything else right now.

Regarding the Kudos mentioned in the title, the Wildcard DNS was broken for the last 12 hours, and as anyone who’s dealt with that type of thing, it’s a real pain to have to fix. But rest easy because after some hard work they fixed it successfully – so all your redirects are fully working now!

Forum Reopened! May 4, 2008

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I’m pleased to announce that the IsMyWebsite Webmaster Forum has officially reopened. As you browse the forum, you are likely to notice the new theme and the new version of phpBB. Be sure to check out the new forum and please let me know what you think. 🙂

Status Update: New Layout May 2, 2008

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Hello IsMyWebsite users. I had been put in charge of creating a temporary layout for the website and here is what it looks like:

It’s very basic and simple. I know that is not the most amazing thing out there, but it’s a nice step onto making IMW a great website again, and I really hope you like it.

Forum Restoration May 2, 2008

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Hello, fellow IsMyWebsite users! I have been put in charge of restoring the forum, and am in a bit of a quandary. There is a backup from March 21 sitting here on my computer that I will be using to bring the forum back to life. This seems like a good opportunity to do a little bit of upgrading, so I am proud to announce that you will soon be greeted by a shiny new phpBB3 forum.

As for the restoration, we have four options. If you would, please provide your input on these options to ensure the best one is chosen:

  1. Reopen the forum and forever lose the posts made after the March 21 backup. The disadvantage to this is that even if we get the most recent backup, we could not restore it since doing that would destroy the posts made after the reopening.
  2. Reopen the forum for posting, but as soon as the backup is sent by SmokyHosts, it gets restored overwriting any recent posts in the process.
  3. Reopen the forum, but make it read only. This way, when the backup arrives nothing will be overwritten and all data will be left intact. One thing we must consider is that we do want all the posts and users back, and we do not want to confuse new users by suddenly going from one thing to another, so this seems like the most suitable option.
  4. Keep the forum closed until the backup arrives. This seems to be the least desirable option.

Right now my gut is telling me to go with either option two or option three since that should provide the least shock while providing much needed revenue through the ads. I look forward to reading your responses. 🙂