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IsMyWebsite DNS FAQ April 18, 2009

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Seems a lot of people are reporting troubles that are DNS-related, so I just wanted to make a note here and answer some common questions.

Helpful Node Tools

Node 1 – ismyw.com
Node 2 – ismywe.com
Node 3 – ismywi.com
Node 4 – ismywt.com
Node 5 – ismywall.com
Node 6 – ismywb.com
Node 7 – ismyws.com (Not online yet)
Node 8 – ismyse.com (VPS #1 – Configuring)
Node 9 – ismysi.com (VPS #2 – Offline)

On many servers (but not all),  you can view your website like this:


If your website is set up, the above link will always work, regardless of any problems with your domain.

You can also get the full phpinfo(), which is basically the server’s PHP configuration, like this:


And finally, to test if the server is online, you can use this address:


What are my nameservers?
Part of the confusion comes from the fact that every server’s nameservers are slightly different. For your account, your nameservers will be ns1.domain.com and ns2.domain.com, where domain.com is the domain above that corresponds with your node.

My subdomain says ‘IsMyWebsite Default Page’. What does this mean and what can I do about it?
In the case your account was accepted, and you have cPanel access, you just have to wait. You can access your website using the following on most servers:

http://domain.com/~cpaneluser (See above for your domain)

And you can enter domain.com for the FTP host if you are connecting. Alternatively, the IP address for your server can be found in the ‘FTP’ link under ‘Hosting’ and can be used in place of the domain name. Use this time to get your website all working for when it does come online.

As for what causes this, all subdomains default to a temporary server. This temporary server displays the ‘IsMyWebsite Default Page’ for every single possible unused subdomain. Your website is created on one of the above nodes, so the subdomain has to be reassigned to point there. This is a process called DNS propagation, and can take up to 48 hours, but usually not nearly that long.

To speed up the propagation for your computer, you can use a free tool called Open DNS. More details are available at http://www.opendns.com/.

If you still experience trouble after 48 hours, please be sure to let us know.

Another Node Status Report May 31, 2008

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Work continues on virtually all nodes.

Node 1 – SmokyHosts
Still preparing to send a mass email regarding the transfer, and possible upgrade the ‘Hosting’ section to also display this (as a button to the ‘Old cPanel’). I’m hoping the button and email can be finished tonight, perhaps sent through the virtually unused SmokyHosts server.

Node 2 – IsMyHost.com
We’re giving away hosting for 2 more days on the top node, which you can just reply to get. We have just installed Installatron, so you can do some installing of your favourite scripts. (It’s like Fantastico.) Also upgraded all accounts to the top stage yesterday, since with the recent trouble I thought everyone deserved it.

Node 3 – IsMyWs.com
Not much to say. Still working well.

Node 4 – IsNumberOne.org
We will be switching to another hosting company here for sure. All accounts in queue for creation on this node are being moved to our new Node 9. All accounts already created will be transfered to the new server when we move. Due to the restrictions in place on this node, we cannot enable extra features of any kind, but it is possible to switch to a new node once all the old accounts are successfully created.

Node 5 – IsMyWe.com
Nothing’s changed… Still great, working node.

Node 6 – IsMyWb.com
We are running into the same trouble with PHP URL file access. Except now, Nixism wants me to send it to their technical department. It’s already been a whole month’s worth of hosting down the drain. Should I switch or continue pursuing this?

Node 7 – SuperbHost.us
Starting to feel a strain. I’ve also received word that Mike wants to get a VPS in place of his reseller with the domain ismyhost.net, which will be great. So given those two factors, all remaining accounts are being created on Node 9 for now.

Node 8 – IsMyWebs.com
Remember the company that originally hosted us on a VPS for a short period earlier and was also originally going to host IsMyHost.com. Well, now they’re back to hosting a reseller for us. Everybody welcome Crissic Solutions, run by Skylar.

Node 9 – IsMyWall.com
I’m reusing the domain name of our donation page simply because it’s already registered. I thought it fit the part fairly well, and it might attract more donations if it’s used for something. Anyways, this domain is going to host the remainder of accounts from IsNumberOne.org and SuperbHost.us.

Node 10 – IsMyHs.com
Just registered 7 new domains, this being the first one, with plans to build 7 new domains. I have found a small company to host this one, which is new to reseller hosting but confident in their ability. (The plan is to host a low number of accounts here to start.)

Node 11 – IsMyHt.com
Another domain seeking a server.

Node 12 – IsMySe.com
Node 13 – IsMySi.com
Node 14 – IsMySt.com
Node 15 – IsMyWi.com
Node 16 – IsMyWt.com
All seeking a reseller. I have a number of companies in mind, that I will be utilizing as we need them for future expansion. (Could be you who hosts them if you want to.)

So just a few hundred accounts left to build, and they are actively being created throughout the day.