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Change Of Plans May 12, 2008

Posted by ismywebsite in uptime.
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Two things have happened:

  1. SurfWebHosts can’t offer us the required LayeredPanel hosting, which I also doesn’t appear it would have worked as well as predicted.
  2. SmokyHosts can’t seem to get the domain to change, and in addition changing the domain on all the accounts is proving to be a harder challenge than initially thought. (First you have to fetch just about every detail of the account, and only then can you change one aspect of it.)

Essentially, changing the domain to work with SmokyHosts again will get us online today, with nodes, and the option to transition away from them later. As the server usage increases, we can move accounts off to IsMyHost.com – which is now working as well!

Unmentioned By cPanel May 10, 2008

Posted by ismywebsite in uptime.
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Well, if you want to start a small hosting site, or even a medium sized hosting site, cPanel is the way to go. Want more than 1000 users or subdomains however, and cPanel quickly becomes a nightmare.

Now, 8000 subdomains? With cPanel, not a chance.

Which is why my script to create the subdomains was still running earlier today, and finally resulted in my account being suspended for a brief period when CPU usage reached 70%. You may recall that for increased reliability of the main domain, I am using a shared hosting account on SurfWebHost.

Now, the solution, LayeredPanel, is specifically designed to “host over 40,000+ accounts”. Enough to sustain our future growth as well as current situation. As soon as this upgrade is complete, all subdomains will soon follow.

All client accounts will still be hosted on cPanel, as this is what I know is preferred and for your patience you deserve the best.