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Great Deal For Node 7 August 10, 2009

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So, around August 5th, I get the following:

Due to several clients abusing our overselling option, we have decided to disable it. Your current plan (Layer 10), which has 5GB Space/50GB Bandwidth will be increased to 10GB Space/100GB Bandwidth.

Therefore, we request that you limit your clients allocated space/bandwidth so that it does not surpass the 10GB Space/100GB Bandwidth that you have been allocated. Once you have completed this task, please contact us. We will then disable the overselling option for your account. We hope that you will cooperate with us during this process.

As expected, we were one of the clients exceeding our allotment and ‘abusing’ their service, in fact using twice what we were allowed. Most of it, however, developed from the rapid growth of one website within our service.

Steven, on their support channel, was very helpful to resolve this issue, and we finally cracked a deal whereby we now have access to double the storage and bandwidth, and overselling, with an upgrade to get yet another doubling of the storage and bandwidth.

So our capacity has quadrupled for a small cost of $10.00, and we have kept our relations with this excellent Canadian hosting company HighLayer through an exclusive deal. Just another way to make the most of what we have.

We Exist Again! June 24, 2008

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Finally, I have received word that we are officially back on the listing of free web hosting sites at Free-WebHosts!

If you feel inclined, you can drop by and rate us 10/10 here:

I am also looking at other resources where we can establish ourselves. As always, there are tons of potential clients looking for free hosting at FreeWebSpace. Maybe someone can help us answer all the topics there.

Be sure to help spread the word in as many ways as possible at this time. We have 3 nodes which are almost completely empty so there is lots of room to fit your friends.

Advertising ‘Solution’ May 10, 2008

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Imagine, for a moment, you were subliminally told you were an evil, selfish, and/or ignorant person because you didn’t place ads and that you had to or your site would go offline!

Imagine you are a typical, standard human being with a million other things you’d rather do at this particular moment in time, and you are now forced to add commercial content to your website, which you already painstakingly made perfect. Essentially going out of your way to contribute funds to somewhere you don’t know or even care about.

When you get this communication, after ‘Who?’ and ‘What?’, your first question is ‘Why?’, with the obvious answer being something like ‘because we’re in charge and we can shut your site down if you don’t’. Followed by ‘When?’, which means you’ll have to put off one of your million things for another day. Then ‘Where?’. Well, there’s some nice space at the bottom here somewhere… Finally ‘How?’.


Let’s say, for example, you built your site with Fantastico, the very easy, ‘single-click’, installer of dozens of ready-to-go scripts. It took you all of 5 seconds to get online. And now, you are faced with the challenge of sifting through hundreds of configuration files to find the exact one the edits the right part of your layout to insert the ads, which you don’t want there to begin with.

Finally, before you pull all your hair out, you locate that there is a section of the forum to help you and it does have the answer you’re looking for. Mustering up the courage to trust the resources provided by another user where you have no idea what you’re doing, you set out…

Not shown: The wait for Google AdSense to be generated, what happens if your script is not covered on our forums, what happens when you don’t get the email about this, and of course, any inkling of a patriotic duty to your free host to place proper ads.

Apart from the idea above, which keeps popping up and I almost went through with, does anyone know what can be done to solve our advertising problem? We don’t need ads placed. We need ads placed well!