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Uptime July 25th July 25, 2009

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Here’s the latest in reliability for our network. It’s nice to see things really shaping up with Node 5. Excellent work, Addora, for everything you’ve done to bring up your uptime to above an impressive 99.9%.

Felweb finished off with some major downtime yesterday, spoiling an almost unblemished record, and bringing their uptime to record lows since the network ordeal. A decline in reliability continues on Nodes 1 and 3, although this is only a minor change.

Overall, Node 6 still holds the record as the most reliable server on our network. Congratulations to Nixism and thanks for all your help to keep our websites online.

Node 6 – Nixism
Uptime last 14 days – 100.00% (No Change)

No current issues.

Node 7 – HighLayer
Uptime last 14 days – 100.00% (Up 0.55%)

No current issues. Not open to new accounts.

Node 5 – Addora
Uptime last 14 days – 99.92% (Up 1.71%)

No current issues.

Node 3 – OSHS
Uptime last 14 days – 99.84% (Down 0.16%)

Storage will not be upgraded. Closed to new accounts.

Node 1 – SmokyHosts
Uptime last 14 days – 99.38% (Down 0.16%)

Storage upgrade will be complete at end of month.

Node 2 – Felweb
Uptime last 14 days – 94.9% (Down 5.1%)

No current issues. Not open to new accounts.

Coming in the very near future, we will be bringing Node 4 online with a new company Webgator, which is expected to work out a lot better than Galaxy-Hosts. Will keep you posted as we progress here.

Working “Perfectly”, Says SmokyHosts May 15, 2008

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It was cPanel before, and now it’s the entire site! According to Host-Tracker, the connection is being refused everywhere. In other words, the server is not answering requests deliberately.

Yes sir, i am able to perfectly access [cPanel URL] at my end!

Smokyhosts Support Team

Regardless of how that turns out, I am now getting hosting with Wildcard DNS enabled from CorexHosting, so instead of creating the thousands of subdomains they can automatically exist! They are remarkably fast at setting up my account, so I will have the site back online shortly, originally as a redirect to this blog.

As far as development goes, I’m on schedule to complete the administration tools that will enable me to effectively manage the multi-node setup. This is the first critical step in creating and fixing everyone’s accounts. There are lots of offers to create nodes now, so I have plenty to fit everyone.

Thanks to those who have stayed with me up to this point, and most definitely you will be able to get whatever hosting you need in the end. It’s just a matter of time, since I’m not giving up.