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Forgot Password Works December 30, 2011

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In the past, an overly colourful but functionally unfinished form would display. As of yesterday, you can use the feature to find your account by username or email, and reset your password if necessary.

If The Site Doesn’t Load December 14, 2011

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Right now, I’m receiving reports that some of you find the site to be offline. I have confirmed there are in fact some DNS issues. These are not universal, but only affecting some people. While I work to fix these, there is a workaround if you’re using Windows and are the administrator on your computer:

1) Start > Programs > Accessories, Right Click Notepad, then click ‘Run As Administrator’.

2) Open the file ‘C:/Windows/System32/Drivers/etc/hosts’. You can use Ctrl + Alt + S to save a backup of this file in case you do something wrong.

3) Add the following 4 lines to the bottom of the file and save it:    ismywebsite.com    www.ismywebsite.com    ismywebsite.net    www.ismywebsite.net

This will cause your computer to skip the DNS lookup and directly attempt to access our site at the correct IP. If you are unable to do the above, then thanks for your patience as I work to fix this.

1And1 Domains Locked December 5, 2011

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Due to a lockdown on our 1and1 account, changes to client domains registered via 1and1 are not possible. This includes WHOIS changes, nameserver changes, domain transfers, and domain renewals.

Based on current communications, it appears that the unlock procedure is to accept being billed a currently unknown amount for undesired renewal of domains no longer in use.Communication continues to be underway.