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IMW5 Now Accepting ALPHA Testers May 1, 2011

Posted by Brendan McNiff (cobrastrike) in development, general, innovation.

Please Note:

This is being posted on behalf of the IsMyWebsite 5 Development Team

We are now having an open call for a limited group of testers.
When applying to test, please email me at:   bmcniff [AT] ismywebsite [dot] com

Information to Include:

  1. Name
  2. IsMyWebsite Username
  3. Why you want to be a tester
Please keep in mind that all potential testers will be interviewed, and only a very limited number accepted.

Top 10 Problems To Solve In June June 17, 2010

Posted by ismywebsite in features, general, innovation.

1) Support Delays
My opinion is that 15 minutes is too long! It’s simple: The right people, the right attitude, and the right tools. We need all three.

2) Working Credit Store
People are pretty impatient. I get it. I think we have about three partially completed versions. Can someone finish it?

3) Better Upgrade System
This system could use a re-evaluation to determine if it’s still applicable or how to work things.

4) Use Of Sessions/Cookies
It’s right there ready to be implemented. I’m just hoping someone else will beat me to it, but it hasn’t happened yet.

5) 500 Internal Server Errors
These are nasty, but they stem from such a simple cause – incorrect default permissions on index.php.

6) cPanel Creation Failures
Yes they still happen from time to time (1% of accounts). We need a better creation script to bring this to 0%.

7) More Client Guidance
The steps to get an account set up should be clearly outlined and new clients should be kept in the loop if any action is required.

8) Advisor Improvements
The Advisor system is still quite incomplete. Timezone, resignation, and a solid OO back-end would be great!

9) Clearer Department Setup
It should be easy to understand who is responsible for what, so not just staff but anyone can know.

10) Better Bug System
So bugs are sent straight to development, who can track, credit, and fix them ASAP.

Reserve Your Seat Today July 7, 2008

Posted by ismywebsite in features, innovation, insane, uptime.
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I’ve just talked to Skylar from Crissic Solutions, and I’ve got some good news and some bad news. First, the bad news:

“We cannot get your Core2Quad from Dell.”

Now, the good news:

“That means we upgrade you free to a Quadcore Xeon.”

Quadcore Xeons are exactly the same high-end servers originally promised to us by Antony. Of course, we only have one of them instead of 5, but this one is offered to us by a reputable company, with a solid delivery date of 2 weeks.

Here are all the features our server comes with:

Intel Xeon Quadcore 3323 (2.5Ghz)
500GB SATA II Hard Drive
2000GB Bandwidth on a 100MBPS full duplex line
4 IP addresses

If you look at the dedicated server offerings for Crissic Solutions, you’ll see the highest server as ‘Intel Enterprise’. This is a server not even typically offered by them. Just to give an impression of how powerful this server is, Skylar typically runs 20 VPSs (Virtual Private Servers) with just one of these servers. Skylar has mentioned that this server could run all, or nearly all, of our current accounts.

Because of our long-term relationship with their company, we are being offered an incredible discount for the server, however this is still a greater cost than our income. As most of you know, since I’m sure I’ve said this so many times, our earnings could be an estimated 9 times as high if everyone placed valid ads on their site. (We could afford 3 of these servers with that.) I think it’s only fair to provide our top-notch server to those clients who are doing their part to make sure we can continue hosting long into the future.

The conditions are not at all tough:

  1. Have finished building your website.
  2. Have placed proper valid ads on your website.
  3. Have submitted your website for review on our forums.

In addition, if you do the above, your account will be on the Improving stage with lots of extra features, 5 times the storage and bandwidth, Ruby on Rails*, and even more on top of what you already have.

Check your account’s ‘Hosting’ section for a new ‘Upgrade’ page. Websites on the Improving stage or higher will be moved ot the new server when it comes online.

What is happening to Node 8?
Node 8 will be moved to be hosted on the server, however it will still use the domain ismywebs.com. No new accounts will be allowed onto Node 8 in the future.

What do I do to upgrade?
You can just go to the ‘Hosting’ section of your account and click the ‘Upgrade’ button. Follow the instructions there.

How do I transfer to the new server?
Transfer will happen automatically once the new server is online. You earned it.

What happens to people not on the server?
Nothing at all. Your account will still have the same relative reliabiliy, and be subject to whatever company manages your node. With the server from Crissic, we will have more control over how it is set up and your accounts.

What will my domain of the new server be?
This server will use the domain ismywebsite.com. For those who use their node’s domain when advertising their site, it is good to get back into the practice of using yoursite.ismywebsite.com. This domain will almost always work to access the site.

What happens to new accounts registered now?
New accounts will still be created on one of the nodes. Once they meet the above requirements, they will move onto the big server. Empty accounts will be removed after 30 days, and accounts with content after 150. (I should think 5 months is more than enough time to complete the above.) Once you are on the new server, there will be no account removal unless requested by the client.

Does the new server have cPanel, Ruby on Rails, PHP, MySQL, Fantastico, RV Site Builder, CGI, Perl, Cron Jobs, or any other feature?
It should have all of those except for RV Site Builder, which will be available once we are making a profit exceeding $30/mo again.

Should I still back up my site files on the new server?
We have a back up system in place, but the answer is still yes. Always have a backup, even if you’re hosted with a reliable company like Crissic Solutions in a datacenter guaranteeing 99.999% uptime.

How many accounts will the server fit?
More than enough for everyone who wants to meet the above requirements.

*Ruby on Rails is not available on all nodes. If you require it, you can request to be transfered to another node.

New Support Methods June 22, 2008

Posted by mikespears in general, innovation, marketting.
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You can email me at mike.spears@ismyhost.com

You can also IM me in Second Life at Mike1 Twine

You can get Second Life at http://secondlife.com