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1. Adminjames - May 2, 2008

Great toolbar man, luv the radio. And the email checker is very helpful, instant login, WOW! Great job.

2. Adminjames - May 2, 2008

Hey, IMW admins, IMW server seems to be up, but no IMW.
I get an “Index of /” page when I try ismywebsite.com, just letting you know if you don’t already!

3. d22552000 - May 3, 2008

I would assume that there would be more ways that you can be helped, you should also list a few things like donations or free sites that allow users to make money by doing nothing (viewing ads, doing samples, etc)

4. Adminjames - May 3, 2008

Just one tip for the news ticker on the toolbar… I have a prob that’s starting to get annoying cause it gives me a headache… you should make the news ticker only display the 3-4 most recent things, cause the list gets too long otherwise!

5. rakista112 - May 3, 2008

Good luck on teh recovery guys. By the way, ei sensei. If they’re going to leave the hacker out on the details, wouldn’t people say that this site can’t be trusted. Sensei. I got 14 days left.. I’m now susceptible to changing to Justbasic. I need teh key!. And so that I will not use this comment system as the way I’m using it now… Is it possible for a PM system while the whole site is down? Hope smokey’s doing a good job.

6. Adminjames - May 5, 2008

My new site is here rakista112: http://profcsd.isnumberone.org/
But don’t try th forum yet, I am havin trouble installing it LOL.
My chat is up tho, cuz it don’t use MySql or ny kind of DB LOL (thats y am havin trouble installin th forum, but no worries, I hav requested th necessary info from isnumberone.org LOL)
I will giv u key via my sites chat!

7. Adminjames - May 6, 2008

My forum is now online and installed, with all forum sects complete!
All r welcome 2 check my site out, as I still hav th ad code from my old site, and it will generate money for IMW!

8. bestphp - May 13, 2008

ismywebsite.com has been suspended.
When should it solved.

9. skorpyo - May 16, 2008

very soon….

10. Richard Le (Ricardo-san) - May 17, 2008

That description sounds suspiciously like me, except I don’t have any hosting account with IMW anymore. Good luck on the recovery, and remember just contact me if you need any more eBooks.

11. Adminjames - May 19, 2008

Richard? what description are you refering to? u got me confused? yr post comes after skorpyo with “very soon….” and that ain’t a description, and I didn’t post a description, so what exactly are you refering to ricardo?

12. Chaos Inc. - July 28, 2008

Back to the basics, never give up…. thats what IMW is all about…. * I think…*

13. JamesMJG(Former_AdminJames) - April 17, 2009

what the hell happened here, no one helping anymore? :-/

14. Marc - January 8, 2010

Is nobody writing anymore?

15. iSplash/iChristmas - January 10, 2010

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 67108864 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 8192 bytes) in /home/ismywebs/domains/ismywebsite.com/public_html/gc.php on line 34

Today at 8:05 PM on the register page.

16. Rajesh - January 21, 2010

Thanks for sharing

17. idiotnesia - March 8, 2010

waiting for new news from ismywebsite

18. Kazna - March 17, 2010

Will the toolbar support you financially?

19. Anna Vanhandel - February 10, 2011

Lovely just what I was searching for.

20. Andrew Joseph - February 24, 2011

This is this kind of an excellent resource which you are providing and you give it away for free of charge. I adore seeing web sites that understand the value of providing a high quality resource for free of charge. It?s the old what goes close to arrives around routine. Did you acquired lots of links and I see plenty of trackbacks?

21. Dan Spiteri - March 30, 2011

My account is messed up. when i log in it asks for imformation for migration, ive already entered it, so i enter it again. it says “error, already been transferred” and wont let me go no further into my account. i dont want to start a new account because i have over 980 credits that took me along time to earn.

22. ismywebsite - March 30, 2011

You’ll need to get in touch with me. Skype is easiest – ‘azoundria’. Your account probably exists, but the login is different from what you think.

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